How it Works

If you are a visual learner, watch this video where we unbox a RapidSpar unit and perform our first recovery. If not, just keep reading.

The RapidSpar device has one SATA port for the Source drive, one SATA port for the Target drive, and one USB (3.0 or newer only) port for extended control through a host computer. In addition to offering basic control options, the touchscreen display shows various real time information on the current case, including the status of every sector being read, status of the Source drive's ATA registers, sector read time graph, and 5V/12V current consumption graphs.

The RapidSpar solution has three different modes of operation:
Standalone mode

In standalone mode, RapidSpar functions as a simple sector by sector data recovery cloning tool. It is controlled from its touchscreen display and used to retrieve data from a degraded SATA/IDE drive to a healthy SATA drive. Case metadata (such as sector maps and various logs) is stored on the built-in SSD inside the RapidSpar unit. Read sector timeout is enforced by various reset commands and/or power cycle as needed.

With PC

RapidSpar's USB3 port can be connected to a Windows PC (or a Mac running Windows) for extended control through the RapidSpar Assistant (RSA) software. The main function of RSA is to allow the user to target specific files/folders for recovery on NTFS, HFS+, EXT 2/3/4, FAT32, exFAT, and XFS file systems. The selected files/folders will first be saved to the Target drive, and then copied from the Target drive to any folder accessible by the PC.

With PC and RapidNebula

The connection to the RapidNebula expert system allows RapidSpar to perform diagnostics and apply automatic firmware fixes/optimizations. When the process is executed from RSA, the RapidSpar unit will collect hundreds of diagnostic parameters from the connected drive and send them to the RapidNebula for analysis. Our expert system will then look for patterns of similarities between the current case and all cases it previously solved to determine the most probable type of failure and the most appropriate course of action for recovery. RapidNebula then sends the relevant fix/optimization to be applied by the RapidSpar unit, after which recovery of files/folders can continue through the RSA software. Our focus with this system is to automatically solve the most common cases received by IT service providers. An internet connection is required. Access to the RapidNebula is free for the first year, and can be extended for $350/year after that.

RapidNebula is now live!

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