BoPag Computer Services
I think that the RapidSpar is a good investment for any small or medium computer repair business that offers data recovery as a service. It’s affordable, easy-to-use, and will recover a ton more data than what software can do alone.
Vivid Computers
This device WILL make you money, give your customers a better experience, and elevate your IT shop above your competitors.
When I first read about RapidSpar, I thought it was little more than a simple duplicator with ddrescue onboard. I couldn't have been more wrong.
Computer Transformers
Now our computer shop is complete and no one in this town can do what we do, thank you!
Took less than 10 mins from unpacking to get results!
Ken's PC repair
To date our recovery rate is just short of 80%. It paid for itself in 5 weeks!
Overall I really enjoyed the product.
Alexander Computer Services
I'm liking it so far. It's a heck of a device.
MudRock Technologies
RapidSpar didn't even struggle.
Doc-Com LLC
It really is very simple to operate.
My Tech Geeks
It was able to mount and retrieve data from a number of drives that I could not pull data from with software alone.
San Marcos Comuters LLC
I am simply amazed at what it is able to accomplish.
This is a great device, and works well.
I purchased a unit and have been extremely happy with it.
I do like it and it does exactly what you said.
The Recovery Room: Data Recovery Services
This is an amazing machine.
Progressive Tech
The RapidSpar was able to recover the data in a small fraction of the time that it would have taken to image the drive with DDRescue.
AI Computer Surgeons
It was able to recover data from drives we had given up on.
Micronex Data Recovery LLC
I think that the RapidSpar is a good investment. It's little bit pricy up front, but it is easy-to-use, and will and has recovered a ton more data than what software can do alone.
Computer Renaissance Soldotna
I'm confident this will pay for itself inside the first year, be profitable in the second, and most importantly result in some happy customers that I would have otherwise had to break bad news to.

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