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Who we are:

DeepSpar transformed from a data recovery practice to a vendor of expert data recovery tools, building field-tested solutions for data recovery professionals. Today, the company’s technologies set the market standard and are relied on by hundreds of organizations worldwide.

You can read about our company history that will tell you how our deep experience with data recovery makes RapidSpar possible.

Quick Facts:

RapidSpar is a new, standalone device that makes it easy for general IT service providers to retrieve data from malfunctioning hard disks and solid state drives (SSDs). It’s highly portable and easy to use. Most data recovery cases can be resolved using RapidSpar's on-board functionality, accessed through its touchscreen LCD display. RapidNebula — a self-learning, cloud-based engine — collects information from affected drives around the world and sends it to the cloud for comparison with RapidSpar’s previously solved cases. RapidSpar handles the full range of data recovery issues including physical storage degradation, firmware corruption, and logical corruption. DeepSpar Data Recovery Systems has been named a CES 2016 Innovation Awards Honoree (computer peripherals category), as a result of the RapidSpar innovation.

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