You are not alone!

All of our tools include technical support from our team of data recovery professionals who are also our developers. We will even help with cases that fall outside of the scope of our tools! For example when the damaged printed circuit board of a non-spinning drive must be swapped to proceed with the recovery, our team can help you figure out which donor drive is compatible, and which firmware chip(s) must be transferred over to make this swap a success.

  • We provide support by phone (+1-613-225-6771), email (, and forum (
  • All support is done from Ottawa, Canada.
  • Our support team is available between 9am and 5pm on Canadian business days.
  • We can give advice on the most appropriate process & tools that should be used for more difficult/rare cases.
  • We can help fill in the blanks in your knowledge, so that you can fully understand what is happening at every step of the recovery process.

We’ve learned a lot since 2001 and we are looking forward to sharing this knowledge with you!

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