James Gilbert
Vivid Computers
This device WILL make you money. This device WILL give your customers a better experience. This device WILL elevate your IT shop above your competitors.

If you're on the fence with purchasing, here's all you really need to know.

  • This device WILL make you money
  • This device WILL give your customers a better experience
  • This device WILL elevate your IT shop above your competitors

That's the headlines, here's how.

We are a small IT shop with myself and one staff, yet we use this device almost every day. We use it for data recovery, perfect clones that boot first time and customer drive diagnostics.

A typical use case for this device. Customer comes in with a non booting laptop. Fire up Linux and find bad sectors. In 90% of cases using the RS we can get a perfect, Bootable clone with 100% of data, programs files setting etc back to the client on the SAME DAY. This device is far more useful to the savvy business owner than just "harder" data recovery jobs. This improves your turnaround time, greatly increases profit margins (set and forget!) and if you're not fresh installing Windows and manually recovering files - well lets just say we get a lot less questions about setting up printers.

Having this device in our shop gives us the confidence to say we CAN get your data in 99% of cases (true) which means more jobs convert and more customers are happy. It's so effective that we've started taking on drives for some of our competitors (who've been using just software tools) and returning their data within 24 hours, 100% intact and again with a bootable clone.

I was EXTREMELY skeptical when I first bought this machine, I couldn't really think of many times we had to send drives away... but the reality is that ISN'T your target market. This device allows us to work faster and provide a better customer experience.. nobody is going a head swap for 5 bad sectors.. but if you can't clone it with R-studio, Clone Zilla or whatever you're in for a world of hurt with the client reinstalling everything.

With this device it's just done. Clone done, machine booting, same day, client happy.

Buy It.

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